Sunday, November 30, 2008

Audrey and colin

That's my friends sister in the middle of Audrey and Colin

King Walsh

This was taken outside the Button Factory in Temple Bar a couple months ago.

Mam Dad, Graham's christening st Agnes church

Dessie 1941

Rays Wedding

I singled this one out because it is the pose Dad always had.

Mick Connolly and Martin Watt

James and Mrs. T

Aunt Peggy

Aunt Peggy, i think this is a beautiful photo, Peggy was only eighteen in this photo.

Audrey and Colins Wedding 1988

This is pic of Abbie's visit to Santa today Nov 30th. As you can see she put on her best smile and will probably get what she asked for! this is photo of photo so may not come across so clear.
Abbie's latest offerings to her art gallery!

i just had to post this on behalf of Sean for Mick,
Sean was here a few years ago and Mick introduced him
to the real black stuff (Guinness)
i hope I'm not putting a goo on you Sean for another one!
by the look of you both it's pure enjoyment!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

From This little boy

To this, Happy Birthday Mick

Me and my sister Anne

This Picture was taken in the backyard of Mrs Coughlin's, our next door neighbors
Ann was ten years old and i was twelve
we were already too little mammy's
looking after things at home when ma had Audrey,
there was Jim terry me Ann Paul Brian Raymond and Brenden
and along came Audrey, it was great to see a little Girl after all those boys
and she was beautiful, it was great for a while until Ann and I realised she was taking up all ma's time and then the novelty wore off! only kidding Audrey.
Mam had Audrey at home so she was there to give the orders.
the thing i like about this blog is, you can say your
piece and no one interrupts you,did you notice that Ann,
it's great!!!!

Eileen's communion day

Eileen look at you, Beautiful as always.

Me and my sister Audrey

A Little Thought For The Day If you have a special message Or something loving to say Don't wait until tomorrow, whisper it today For we live within the present The future is unknown Tomorrow is uncertain But today is all our own

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mam and her Sisters

This photo was taken at Florries son Wedding.

Dad and Granny Walsh

Florrie and me

This was taken on our communion. I don't know if its in Mams or florries front garden, taken about 1959, I think. Love that fringe!

Lorraine's Confirmation

Lorraine making her Confirmation, taken with Mam and Dad, (don't they look great!) in 1991

Smiles all round!

This is a lovely photo, taken on Alan's communion, of Dad, Mam. me, Martin and Alan. Taken in 1989

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

To all the Yankees anyway..


My ship awaits...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anne O'Leary

Experimental shots of Anne through a steam filled window which I thought turned out quite good.

Raymonds Wedding.

I will eventually get around to posting all the good ones of the wedding. There are quite a few nice ones. They are in very bad shape. Some of them I did a long while ago but don't know where they are. Anyone know the date of this wedding?

Ann O'Leary At Raymond's Wedding

This is a nice shot of Ann O'Leary at Raymonds Wedding. I just found the whole series of shots I did that day.


Joanne and Mam in the west of Ireland