Friday, October 31, 2008

Dudley On His Way To Trick Or Treat On Halloween Day.


Dad in Philadelphia

Mam in Philadelphia

Phyllis Lilly Terry

Halloween...hasty and basic attempt to turn Abbie into a witch! Also, ridiculous amount of candy collected from trick or treating!

Some nice pics of Abbie

Me again....

this is me and my little man sean he is 3 and loves football..

i love this photo of holly she has my looks!!

this is chloe she is 8 years old and a great little person

this is holly my little girl aged 5

Nicky (Oona's youngest son)


Rowan bathes with goggles

Dudley's New Friend

Dudley made a new pal and it looks like they are going to be best friends. Max is only one year old so he is full of energy. He is big, almost ninety pounds, and very fast. He is also very gentle and a true little gentleman. They played their little hearts out today and they were both very tired afterwards.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ready For Winter I Think.

This is the great hat and scarf that Phyllis knit for me.

Sweet Caroline

A little montage I did of Caroline in a photo I took of her a long time ago and a more recent photo.

Rowan And Her Dog

This is a great shot taken by Alison of Rowan and her dog.

Eileen And Me Under The Arc De Triomphe In Paris.

Taken around 1980 or so.

Indian Summer In Oregon Continues............

Our indian summer continues here in Roseburg. It certainly is a pleasure to go walking with Dudley through this beautiful scenery every day. I don't know how long it is going to last but hopefully another few days. Then the rainy season will start. We will say goodbye to the sun for a while and settle in to rain spattering on the window panes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Jemster At The Tender Age Of Sixteen.

I don't know if Ross Studios still exist but this is a great example of the work they did. This was almost a coming of age ritual in those day. To have a photo done by this studio ( Can't remember where it was, I think Meath Street) was a like a jewish bar mitzvah in that you became an adult because these people did not take photos of youngsters.
This was during the peak of Elvis' popularity , hence the quiff.

Father James

Father James used to come for a visit every Tuesday during the late 50's and early 60's. He was a great musicologist and also took many of the high quality photos taken of us during this time. He was a great influence on me when I was young.

Abbie doing super cool mode.....little fashionista! And some of her recent drawings. She is very good at drawing pics

Don't know who this is meant to be!!!!!!

Abbies first day at school...she is doing great.

Me taken in October..scrubbed up for a formal matter

These photos of Mam and Abbie were taken in July 2008 at Abbies birthday party. I think it shows the very close relationship they have. Abbie loves her nanny and is very attached to her which is fantastic for both of them.

Abbie..High School Musical

Abbie wearing her High School Musical outfit. She has seen all 3 movies. Hair accessories are her own invention!


Dad And The Boys Outside The Irish Press

Look at these fellas! Aren't they a great looking bunch. This is Dad with his brother Richie outside the Irish Press when they were very young. He must have been around 21 at this time or maybe a little more. That's Richie in the grey double breasted suit out in front.

Eileen Being Baptised In St. Anges' Church.

These photos did not come out very well but you get the general idea. We were living in Paris at the time and we wanted Eileen to be baptised in Dublin in the church we all used to go to.

Eva And Her Daughter Aline At Her Graduation

Eva's daughter has just been in a terrible car accident where her 21 year old friend who was driving was killed. She was lucky to get away with her life and only suffered a few injuries to the head. This all happened last week. God must have been smiling on her.


my hubby and Lauryn

Eileen And Her Girls In Brazil

This is a photo of Eileen and her daughters in Sao Paulo Brazil. I am trying to get her to post some stuff on the blog too.

Alex the cowboy