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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dudley Walsh

Halloween . James Dudley Bond.

Kane St. Roseburg Oregon


Dec 12 2002 - September 8 2015

Dudley left us today. His spirit was so big and his heart was so stout that he is still here and he always will be. I had to leave him in Roseburg when I got sick. He was in a kennel for a few months. His whole routine was broken and his life was thrown into disarray. I often wonder if he knew and realized it or if he just took it in his stride. In any case I spent many sleepless nights wondering whether or not he was warm enough, if he had enough to eat etc. He had , of course, he was being taken care of by some lovely , loving people in the kennel .
We were inseparable for ten years. He went everywhere with me. He was my constant companion, known to all around town and greeted on his outings like a Lord Mayor. More than once I checked out of the supermarket or even Macy’s and someone would tug at my sleeve or tap me on the shoulder and say ; “ Aren’t you Dudley’s Dad ? “ . I told them I certainly was and then would ask them if they knew my name. They never did ! That made me even more proud of him . He was his own man so to speak and he was with me because he chose to be.
Some mornings I would get up in bad mood only to have him look at me with his innocent face and head tilted to one side and he made me smile in spite of myself.
He eventually became the elder statesman of the dogs when we went for walks in the park. He was very patient with the younger dogs and would let them jump all over him and run around him while he imperiously would go on his merry way.
He spent his final days with a wonderful couple who loved him just as much as I did and my mind was at rest. It would have been unthinkable to have him suffer in any way

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