Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Eileen Walsh

The soul of the family has gone.

We should be happy for Mam, she is out of the pain and misery she has suffered over the past months.It seemed like every week there was something new wrong with her. It is less painful to know that she is at peace and with her maker than to watch her over the past months. In any case she has always been with us , and with me, no matter where we were in the world and she has provided us with the strength and dignity to know right from wrong and to act accordingly.
So she is not really gone and she never will be . Her spirit is still with her children and extended family.
Her reach and legacy stretches over continents through her grand children and great grandchildren from Brazil to Germany and to the USA and God knows where else. . She was known , loved and admired by everyone for her grace, her patience with us and her wisdom. We were lucky to have had her for so many years ( 92 ) in great mental and physical  health. She was often the life and soul of the party but always the soul of the family.
I don't know how many time I told her how lucky she, and we , were to to be able to enjoy her last years in full possession  of her faculties and her ability to enjoy life when so many are less fortunate.
But , she knew that already.
I'll see you tonight and every other night Mam.

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Carolyn said...

She's forever in my heart💔 She is CONSTANTLY in my thoughts. My Precious Nanny.I MISS HER TERRIBLY